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Collaborative Communication creating mutually beneficial results
Nonviolent Communication is a radical shift from a blame-based to a connection-based orientation.


In conflict transformation, each person is fully heard.  From the resulting mutual understanding of everyone’s most important principles and desired future, creative solutions emerge which value everyone’s needs equally.
Mediation can bring resolution for family members, coworkers,  business teams, friends, couples, organizations, community leaders, housing, employment or management conflicts;  any situation where people are stuck in an impasse that appears unworkable.

$90 per hour. Please plan on a 3-hour session.


Transformational mediation shifts our focus from our isolated positions to the universal human need to balance one’s self-concern with one’s need to be connected to others.  Seeking to restore that balance, the collaborative negotiation does not focus on crafting an agreement between conflicted parties.  Rather, it encourages participants’ empowerment and perspective-taking as they explore what is going on in their conflict.  Their emotions and stories are welcomed as potential sources of valuable information, insight, and possibility.  The conflict process, itself, is tapped as a source of growth and learning.  The agreements that emerge tend to be very solid, since participants have not been encouraged to give in, but to work together to invent options for mutual gain, creating a world that works for everyone.   – Tom Atlee, The Tao of Democracy