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Full Expression, Deep Listening, Wholehearted Living

Meet Isa Maria

Connective Communication Practitioner

Isa facilitates Kauai's ongoing Connective Communication practice group, where healing and personal growth are cultivated in an environment of acceptance and authenticity. She teaches the principles and techniques of Nonviolent Communication as a spiritual practice and as a tool for change. Isa coaches individuals, couples, families, and groups to transform alienation and conflict into mutual understanding and clear direction.

What Is Connective Communication?

  • Practicing the consciousness and skills of Nonviolent Communication as taught by Marshall Rosenberg.
  • Expressing ourselves freely and authentically, in a simple way that is likely to meet with understanding and connection.
  • Empathy: hearing the genuine positive motivation behind any communication and action.
  • Differentiating between the story we tell ourselves (which causes our reaction) and what is.
  • Sharpening awareness of freedom and belonging.
  • Valuing ourselves and others so that everyone’s needs matter equally.
  • Exercising unconditional presence:  showing up for ourselves and one another here and now.
  • Accessing our joy and creating the world we want to live in.

World Peace begins with self-acceptance.